Merge the Business Strategy and Design

We combine strategy and design. First, we will accurately
position the project from the three aspects of the project’s
resources, goals and trends.

We consider design thinking, commercial retail, and
operations together and design at this level.

In our project, through the theater mode, we can introduce various high-quality resources of the city in a resource exchange mode at a low cost, effectively reducing the cost of obtaining customers, and the theater format and the user circle can be precisely matched.



Be Design Strategy and Position

Be Design Theme Entertainment


The Shuo Workshop theme entertainment development studio was founded in Los Angeles by Li Ping, a partner of the team. The main business includes the back-story background of the theme park, the amusement park, the surrounding area of ​​the catering and so on. The team members are composed of Los Angeles designers and independent artists, with first-class theme park planning and design capabilities. After that, the team of Shuo Workshop was merged into Bishan, which was mainly responsible for the content development of the theme entertainment.

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