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As a designer, you can participate in a variety of design projects in depth and concretely on a daily basis. Covering commercial complexes, commercial blocks, hotels, offices, urban renewal, urban design, interior and landscape design, etc. Our core starting point is to do interesting projects and think about projects

As a media worker, you can use your professional business design, planning, and evaluation people to develop your strengths as a media person, understand, discover, and research this rich and interesting industry.

In short, we hope to join the team is to love life, people who have their own understanding of life, have their own solid professional knowledge, we will discover your more comprehensive side.

Recruitment position:

Senior Architect (Project Leader)
1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture or related major, or equivalent overseas qualifications.
2. More than five years of experience in excellent architectural firms, responsible for the entire process of large and medium-sized public building projects.
3. Excellent design skills, solid technical knowledge, attention to detail and materials.
4. Have excellent professionalism and responsibility, be good at communication, and effectively lead the design team.
5. Skilled in using AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, Adobe Suite and other design related software.
6. Those who have certain English communication skills are preferred.

Project Architect
1. 3-5 years of professional work experience, with certain engineering practice and implementation experience; 1-2 years experience of project leader is preferred; passion for design, strong professional standards, program design ability and communication skills;
2. Proficiency in the application of Adobe Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), AutoCAD and other professional software, will use Rhino first;
3. Strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork ability and project execution ability, able to maintain high quality design with fast office rhythm;
4. Those who have studied abroad and work in the field, and good English communication skills are preferred.

Assistant Designer (graduate)
1. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree or above in architecture or interior design, or equivalent overseas qualifications.
2. Have strong design ability and initiative to learn professional knowledge, enthusiastic, able to complete the design work independently and conscientiously;
3. Skilled in using AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, Adobe Suite and other design related software;
4. Those who have certain English communication skills are preferred.

Assistant Design  (intern)
Including but not limited to architectural design, interior design, landscape design, graphic design, new media operations, etc., undergraduate students above grade 3 or graduate students, the internship period needs to meet at least 2 months

Brand research and media editors
1. Love business, architecture and creative design or related industries, and love life.
2. Understand the full set of editing processes such as new media promotion, translation, editing and writing, planning outlines, going out for interviews, going out to participate in activities and discovering content.
3. Can participate in the construction, management and maintenance of our research and media platforms.
4. Can assist the editor-in-chief to complete the development of the public number and portal website, and have a clear and positive personal career development willingness.
5. Commercial building design practitioners or relevant design industry work experience is preferred.


1. If you are interested, please send your resume and portfolio (PDF format) to the corresponding email address. In the email title, please indicate “Name + Application Position + City, the file is around 20MB.

2. The resume should include personal information, contact information and personal recent photos; apply for architects, assistant architects, construction intern positions, and the collection must include student-time works.

3. Please indicate the starting date of work in the body of the email. We will arrange an interview for qualified applicants. Please be patient.

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